Why Pertama Digital exists?

Pertama Digital Berhad is transforming how the Rakyat experiences services provided to them by the government and large private organizations. We do this by removing barriers that are typically responsible for delayed responses to key digitalisation opportunities that would otherwise benefit the Rakyat.

Think of the last time you faced a poor experience in a government office or bank. Do you wish you could do something to make it better? Our entire business is underpinned by a philosophy adopted from the world’s fastest growing tech companies; build products that delights users and get paid only upon achieving successful product-market fit.

Pertama Digital has executed this successfully with projects like eJamin, the world’s first neobank for court bail payments, developed at zero cost to the government and in close collaboration with the Palace of Justice. eJamin is available at 177 courts across Malaysia, allowing some to achieve full cashless bail payments, while channeling millions of Ringgit of deposits to partner banks like CIMB and Bank Islam on a daily basis.

Pertama Digital is applying this disruptive model to other areas of the Rakyat-government relationship including payments, communication and workflows.

In due course, this Malaysian-built model will be exported to other emerging markets as the most equitable rapid public sector digitalisation model available in the market.

Historical timeline

Pertama Digital Berhad was incorporated on 15 February 1984. Formerly known as Sinotop Holdings Berhad, the name change on 4 September 2020 reflects the company's timely pivot into a business that will drive the future. Beginning in 2020, we invest in, and nurture, great fintech and govtech companies that build impactful, inclusive solutions in the digital and mobile space.

Corporate structure

Pertama Digital Corporate Structure

Our Pledge


the people of Pertama Digital,

are grateful for this opportunity to serve our fellow Rakyat,

so let every decision we make today,

be in their best interests,

as witnessed by God.

Our Pledge

Our People and Our Core Values

Ownership. If it’s to be, it’s up to me. I choose to care about my team and my work. I am responsible to make sure things are in order. I don’t point fingers; I fix the problem. I am accountable and I own up to my mistakes.


Effective communication. Understand what our audience needs from us.I invest my time in making sure people understand me. I will use all possible ways to deliver my message. I understand that everyone understands things differently. I don’t judge when people seek clarification.

Effective communication

Courage. Have the guts to push. I do what’s right, even when it’s not easy. I can make the impossible, possible. I stand by my principles when I’ve built my case.


Relentless improvement. Work towards improving ourselves every single day. I am aware of the progress in my industry, and I need to keep pace. I acknowledge my weakness, and create plans to upgrade myself. I reach out when I know I am in an unfamiliar area.

Relentless improvement


A great workplace combines exceptional colleagues and hard problems.

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